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Custom Brackets in Stainless Steel, Aluminium or Steel

Custom made brackets, specialty brackets & made to order brackets in stainless steel, aluminium and steel, made to your specifications for commercial, medical, pharmaceutical, architectural & industrial applications.

Made to order brackets for different industries & applications, including handrail, angle, support, wall mount, U shaped, Z shaped  & platform brackets. 

Handrail Bracket

Email your requirements to or call 0417 063 668 to discuss. 

Custom 304 or 316 stainless steel brackets in raw, brushed or mirror finish.

Aluminium Mounting Bracket

Custom aluminium brackets in raw, anodized  or powder coated finish.

Custom steel brackets in pre-fabricated gal, hot dip galvanised, painted  or powder coated finish.

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Stainless Steel Brackets

Galvanised Bracket

Powder Coated Bracket

   Galvanised U Bracket

Click here to discuss, email or fax your specific brackets requirements


Examples of other custom fabrications that we can assist with include: Custom made to order plates, display stands, frames, trays, enclosures, platforms, benches, bench tops & trolleys. Trolleys include bakery, equipment, industrial, factory, warehouse, heli pad, crate, cage, flatbed, tray, lap top, baking, kitchen, restaurant, cooling racks, aged care, serving carts, utility, pastry, gastronorm, customised, timber, mdf, purpose built, tray, bin, specialty, heavy duty and order picking trolleys.



AccuFab Solutions is based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Custom brackets in stainless steel, aluminium & steel, made to order to your specific requirements.

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