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Metal Fabrication of stainless steel, aluminium & steel



Custom metal fabrication of individual pieces or entire assemblies in metals such as stainless steel, aluminium & steel for commercial, industrial & mining applications.

Laser cutting, shearing, punching,  drilling, bending, TIG & MIG welding & general fabrication.

Metal finishing in hot dip galvanizing, anodizing or powder coating.

Examples of metal fabrication applications/ customers' requirements: 

Custom made trolleys including warehouse, order picking, equipment, platform, industrial, flatbed, laptop, small goods, garden, bakery, rack, kitchen and heavy duty trolleys.

Other examples are work benches, equipment, grating, channels, posts, frames, plates, brackets, trolleys, packaging equipment, cabinets, tanks, displays, posts, bins, racks, crates, rails, display stands, fixtures, conveyers, platforms, hoists, chutes and access ramps.  

Equipment including pharmaceutical, medical, hospital, aged care, health care,  industrial, mining, refinery, commercial, processing, material handling, food processing & beverage, packaging, rail, transport, oil and gas.


hatch access

Heavy Duty Trolleys

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Stainless Steel Posts

Aluminium Exhibition Stand


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AccuFab Solutions is based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Custom metal fabrication in stainless steel, aluminium & steel made to order to your specific requirements.

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